Welcome to Mindful Movement

We want you to move and feel the best you can whatever shape you are in.

Mindful Movement is a fully equipped Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio in Hornsby with a range of rehabilitation, dance and sport optimisation services. We offer comprehensive physiotherapy assessments and treatments, individual and small group Studio sessions using traditional Pilates equipment. We also offer a range of small Pilates mat classes to improve core strength, flexibility, motor control, cardiovascular fitness as well as a specialised class for those with bone density issues such as osteoporosis.


At Mindful Movement in Hornsby we assess and treat following the ConnectTherapy model. You will be assessed from head to toe from the bones in your skull all the way down to any foot dysfunctions.

Pilates Studio and Mat

Pilates mat classes will improve your strength, posture and flexibility. Pilates Studio Sessions are tailored to your individual requirements, whether this is rehabilitation from an injury or general conditions.

Pilates for Osteoporosis

Try our ‘Bones and Balance’ Class! In this personalised closely supervised, small group class, we use light weights, resistance exercises and Pilates techniques to improve bone density, muscle strength and balance.

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Energised Circuit

Personalised, high intensity interval training focussing on improving muscle strength, endurance, balance and mobility. It is designed to enhance your cardiovascular health, respiratory fitness and metabolic function.

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