Pre and Postnatal Physiotherapy

Pre and Postnatal Physiotherapy


If you are experiencing:

  • pain and discomfort around your ribs, upper or lower back, pubic bone, neck
  • some urinary incontinence
  • tummy separation

You are not alone! We can help you relieve your symptoms through pre and post natal physiotherapy or Pilates exercise classes. Treatment may involve some manual treatment, some taping or bracing, exercises and education so you are able to help yourself at home.


When you are pregnant, we will incorporate some Pilates exercises to help you maintain your core, general strength and flexibility, loosen tight and stiff areas, to help decrease your pain.


If you have already delivered Baby, then we may prescribe Pilates to help you tone up areas that have been stretched during pregnancy, increase pelvic floor strength and endurance, increase flexibility, regain your waist, and increase your general strength and endurance so you can keep up with your children. If you are experiencing urinary incontinence or have a prolapse we also provide assessments and treatments for you.