Sports Physiotherapy

Effective Physiotherapy for Athletes 


At Mindful Movement we understand the pressures of getting back to playing sport or back to training as soon as possible. Our sports physiotherapy treats many different athletes – basketball, soccer, volleyball, rugby, ALF players, swimmers, body builders, rowers, dancers, cross-fitters and many more. The most important factor for our assessments and treatments is to ensure a smooth, safe and timely return to your chosen activity.


Our assessments


Assessments will focus not only at your area of pain, but will include your whole body to ensure the reason why you injured yourself in the first place will not happen again. We will teach you how to correct the parts of your body that are letting your technique down and explain it to you in terms that you will understand. Communication is key to our treatments, as we believe you should always understand exactly what is happening to your body.


Our physio treatments


Treatment with the sports physiotherapist will involve realigning your body and correcting muscle imbalances by mobilising joints, releasing of tight muscles, strengthening specific muscle groups that aid in your specific sporting activities and correcting and promoting better movements that is task specific to your needs. We will provide a home exercise program, which may involve strengthening, stretching, and technique correction for you to actively take charge of your goals to maintain or achieve optimal strength, stability and flexibility.


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If you play sports for a living and are in need of physiotherapy solutions to help you perform at your best, look no further than Mindful Movement. We cater our treatments to your specific needs, ensuring that you are able to perform to your optimal ability.


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