At Mindful Movement in Hornsby we treat following the ConnectTherapy Model. This model involves us assessing your body, looking at your whole body twists and rotations and unwinding them throughout your entire system to decrease your pain and allow your body to perform at its optimal level. We will find the main driver, or cause of your particular problem – be it pain, a sports or dance specific weakness (eg difficulty driving off a particular leg or pitching), or difficulty performing an everyday task (eg lifting your arm to reach to the top shelf or balancing on one leg).


You will be assessed from head to toe from misaligned bones in your skull all the way down to any foot dysfunctions.


By the end of the initial assessment you will know where and where the non optimal load transfer is that is causing your problem, how we will help you treat it, expected treatment plans and outcomes, and what is expected of you in terms of exercises to achieve your desired goal.


Duration: Initial Consultations are 45 mins. Follow up appointments can range from 30 mins to 60 mins depending on the complexity of our findings.


What to Bring: Dr’s referral (not necessary but can be helpful), orthotics, x-rays or other scans that you may have.