Pre and Postnatal Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates

During pregnancy practicing Pilates is a safe way to look after your body to ensure you are strong, supple and ready for delivery. If you are experiencing pain in your back, pelvis, hips, neck and/or ribs, our qualified Pilates instructors (some of whom are physiotherapists as well) can tailor exercises in the studio to help you reduce your symptoms and prescribe you a home program so you feel more in control as your body keeps changing during your pregnancy.


Sometimes exercises aren’t enough and you may need some extra manual therapy to help you during a particular stage in pregnancy. In that case you may need some prenatal physiotherapy to supplement your Pilates.


Whilst you are pregnant, we would recommend our Pilates Studio Sessions, where there is a maximum of four clients per class to one instructor. Here you will receive exercises tailored to your particular stage of pregnancy and exercise ability. These classes are on the Pilates Equipment – Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel. Pilates mat classes are not suitable for you during pregnancy.


Postnatal Pilates

You’ve delivered baby via vaginal delivery or caesarian section and you are now thinking about how you can start to look after yourself mentally and physically. Pilates studio sessions or mat sessions can be suitable for you to help you improve muscle tone, strengthen your pelvic floor, and core, improve your mobility (especially after long hours of feeding and carrying Bubs) and attending the classes gives you some time for yourself.


An initial assessment is needed before joining any of the classes to ensure we have assessed your pelvic floor and core with our real-time ultrasound machine, so we understand the capabilities of your body whatever stage you are at and that you are safe with the basic exercises.


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